What’s this newsletter about?

I have been writing a weekly column in the Mint for over four years now. Every week I discuss issues at the intersection of technology and society and try to figure how they are relevant in the Indian context. I’ve covered a wide range of issues - from the relationship between GPS and time to the use of blockchain technology in land record management. You can go through the entire archive on the Mint website here.

I also have a podcast that, apart from sharing a name with my weekly column, also looks the many ways in which technology changes society from a uniquely Indian lens. Visit the website for links to past episodes, show notes and other interesting information. And if you like what you hear do subscribe in your favourite podcast app.

I’ve set up this substack so that you can get my weekly article delivered right into your inbox. And so that when new episodes of my podcast drop you get a reminder by email with a link to the episode so that you can download and listen to it. Every now and then, I might right a more freeform post about articles and content by other people that you might find interesting.

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